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Dr.Web bot for Telegram now available to corporate customers

February 28, 2024

Good news for companies that connect with their employees and customers over Telegram. Now, thanks to the commercial version of Dr.Web Bot for Telegram, they can keep their communications well protected.

Dr.Web bot for Telegram is the first anti-virus bot that checks links and files on the fly. It can be used on any device that has Telegram installed on it, which includes PCs and mobile devices as well as Telegram Web.

The bot scans files (up to 20 MB) and links, with no noticeable impact on the system performance. Add Dr.Web to your group chat, and it will scan all files and links in real time or send them for scanning by chatting with the bot.

Dr.Web bot for Telegram is still available free of charge for personal use. The new paid version is intended for corporate users. It will help you strengthen your company’s information security by establishing an additional layer of protection for your employees in the messenger. Why Dr.Web is ideal for keeping your teamwork safe:

  • The bot’s UI is available in six languages (Russian, English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish and Farsi). Thanks to this, it can easily be configured and used by staff members in multinational corporations.
  • It can be configured to operate unobtrusively and won't distract your team with notifications, but, at the same time, it will keep them well shielded from malicious links and infected files.
  • Information from your chats remains confidential at all times: it doesn't get relayed to the bot and won't end up being stored on a third-party server.
  • There is no cap on how many files or links you can get analysed per day.

You can learn more about what Dr.Web bot for Telegram can do and its terms of use by submitting a request at

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