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Dr. Web Commitment towards GDPR

May 28, 2018

Dear users and partners,

As you may know, the General Data Protection Regulation, also referred as GDPR, a new European law regarding personal data protection came into force on May 25, 2018.

The Regulation made it mandatory for all companies operating in the EU or working with EU citizens or residents to ensure secure data processing and storage by means of undertaking several measures and steps.

In this context, as an Antivirus vendor, we are not able to make our clients and partners compliant with the law by providing them antivirus software, but we can offer services and products that ensure safety of their data what in its turn is a step forward towards being fully compliant with the Regulation.

Doctor Web, Ltd. and its subsidiaries respect the rights of each individual to privacy and data protection and welcome the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In the light of the new Regulation, Doctor Web takes its responsibility to comply with it. We have updated our Privacy Policy and EULA in order to state it clear to our European clients and partners what data we gather and process, where it is stored and how it is processed and protected by Doctor Web, Ltd.

In case you have questions about our compliance with GDPR, ask your questions here.

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